Jojo Siwa Talks Justin Bieber, Aggressively Dances with Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show': Watch

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
JoJo Siwa during "Aggressive Dance-Off" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Jan. 21, 2019.

Jojo Siwa stopped by The Tonight Show on Monday night (Jan. 21) to talk about her career to date, grabbing the attention of Justin Bieber on Instagram and to show off some of her best aggressive dance moves.

When Fallon asked the 15-year-old about her “Jojo empire,” the very excitable teen talked about the success she’s had selling a universe of merchandise. “Obviously there’s the bows, which we’ve sold 45 million of this year -- in 2018 -- which is crazy,” Siwa said, and mentioned her other products that include bedding, party supplies, jewelry and “Jojo underwear.”

Fallon then pulled out an Instagram picture of her showing off a white, multicolored car with a picture of herself on the hood. Siwa explained that she can indeed drive the car with her permit with an adult present, when Fallon joked that she could drive with Bieber, as he pulled out yet another photo of Siwa on a convertible with a cutout of the Canadian singer riding shotgun.

“The one person in America who maybe doesn’t like the car,” she joked. Siwa then said that the singer had Instagram commented, “burn it” on the original Instagram photo of her colorful car. “Three times he commented ‘burn it,’” she laughed. “No, but honestly, then he tweeted out an apology, I posted this picture, we kinda just had fun and games back and forth.”

Siwa, sporting a sparkly yellow bow and a glittery purple jacket with yellow zebra printed leggins, added that although she didn’t get invited to Bieber’s wedding last year, she hopes he'll sing at her 16th birthday party. “He’s supposed to be performing at my 16th birthday party, right Justin?” she smiled at the camera.

The Nebraska native also talked about her upcoming tour and how important it is to her to spread positivity. “There’s so much hate in this world that I just don’t necessarily understand why there needs to be, so I try to tell my people … don’t focus on that one person who’s being mean to you, focus on the ten other nice people who are loving you and who are supporting you,” she said.

Siwa and Fallon then hit the dance floor for an “Aggressive Dance-Off” segment, where the former Dance Moms star showed off her own dancing skills. With dance moves like “The Carlton” and “The Dougie,” Siwa’s aggressive yet skilled performance beat out an exhausted Fallon.

Watch clips of Jojo Siwa on The Tonight Show below.