Frenship Teams Up With Yoke Lore For 'Wanted a Name': Premiere

Pooneh Ghana


Electropop duo Frenship (James Sunderland and Brett Hite) has debuted a rousing new single titled “Wanted a Name” featuring Yoke Lore, premiering on Billboard today (Jan. 16).

The catchy synth-pop song, which was inspired by the quiet they found at home after returning from their first headlining tour in 2018, serves as a taste of the duo's forthcoming debut album, due this year. A soaring chorus conveys a sense of longing as they sing, “Could you love me like you used to? Cause I still need you.”

Sunderland and Hite explain that they often find themselves wishing they could connect with fans again once they’re done touring.

“Our lives revolve around writing, touring and perfecting every element of what you see and hear from us, which fuels us and brings us happiness,” Sunderland tells Billboard. “In the midst of focusing on that, we don’t want to lose sight of what made us start making music in the first place.”

Hite adds that they "love" interacting with fans on the road. “The love and appreciation is flowing but, when the tour is over, it’s easy to wonder if that feeling will ever happen again," he says.

Brooklyn native Adrian Galvin, who records as Yoke Lore -- and joined the duo on their 2018 tour -- says that the track is also about keeping that "spark of awe" alive. “As we make the road our lives and we make our instincts our livelihoods, we tend to sacrifice certain romances to which we were initially drawn," Galvin says. "This song is about how to sustain the longing after we have achieved the goal.”

Get a first listen of “Wanted a Name” below.