Andy Samberg Heckles Jimmy Fallon During Hilarious 'Piña Colada Song': Watch

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Andy Samberg as the Heckler during "Peter and His Heckler" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Jan. 8, 2019.

Super awkward singer Peter was back on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night (Jan. 8). And, of course, so was his heckler. While shy Pete was just trying to get through an overly earnest cover of Rupert Holmes' classic 1979 rum-soaked yacht rock staple "Escape (The Piña Colada Song)," he was once again rudely interrupted by a fellow floppy-haired mop-top in the audience with way, way too many questions. 

This time, instead of Will Ferrell or Tracy Morgan, the annoying inquisitor was Brooklyn Nine-Nine star (and future CakeDonald's founder) Andy Samberg, who just had soooo many things to say about the song's admittedly very weird lyrics. "I was tired of my lady," sang Peter (host Jimmy Fallon), once again sporting his classic skinny keyboard tie and puke green blazer. "Why?" yelled Samberg, rocking a mushroom-head blonde wig, oversized green fuzzy turtleneck, brown checked sport coat and gold medallion necklace.

"We've been together too long," Peter continued. "What was your relationship like?" Samberg shouted. As it turns out, Samberg does like Piña Coladas, but really hates getting caught in the rain, is not into yoga and, shockingly, has half a brain in a jar super handy.

Watch Peter and His Heckler with Samberg below.