Morgxn & Walk the Moon Rock 'Kimmel' With High-Energy 'Home': Watch

Morgxn ft. Walk The Moon on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
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Morgxn ft. Walk The Moon on Jimmy Kimmel Live! 

In what was morgxn's national TV debut, he teamed up with Walk the Moon for a head-bobbing performance of “Home” on Tuesday night’s (Jan. 8) Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Sporting a Willy Chavarria designed black t-shirt with the words “the kids are not alright” -- whose proceeds raised money for RAICEStexas.org, a nonprofit which provides legal assistance for families held in border detention camps, according to a release from morgxn’s label -- and bright yellow nail polish, morgxn kicked off the bright pop bop backed by the rest of WTM before calling out the band's singer, Nicholas Petricca after the first verse.

Cranking up the electric beats on a set bathed in pink, red and blue light, Petricca amped up the energy, belting, “You were my vagabond/ You swam across the devil's pond.”

Toward the end of the song, the duo stood on an elevated platform while rainbow graphics flashed on the screen behind them.

Morgxn also performed the more sedate "Me Without You" on a fog-shrouded stage, opening the moving ballad mostly a cappella on the minimalistic set with a white background that allowed the Nashville native’s polished vocals to take center stage.

This is not the first time the band morgxn and Walk The Moon frontman Nicholas Petricca perform “Home” together. Earlier last summer, during morgxn’s Lollapalooza debut they performed it live and later decided to go into the studio to turn it into an official collaboration.

Watch morgxn and Walk the Moon's performances below.