Normani Recalls Having a Sleepover at Ariana Grande's House With Dinah Jane & Camila Cabello: Watch

This week’s Billboard cover star Normani took some time to play “First, Best, Last, Worst” during her magazine photo shoot, where she recalled the first time she ever met Ariana Grande, who the last member of Fifth Harmony was she spoke to, and more.

Asked about meeting her tourmate Ariana Grande for the very first time, Normani tells Billboard that she thinks that it was at a Jingle Ball show years ago, but then remembers that she actually went to Grande’s house for a sleepover with Dinah Jane and Camila Cabello. “We went to her house she was the first person to introduce me to vegan ice cream,” the singer reveals.

The “Waves” singer also opens up about what the best part of working with Pharrell is, calling him a “genius at what he does.” She notes that having personally idolized him growing up, she really enjoys getting to watch him work in the studio, adding that he was very encouraging and open to her ideas.

As for who the last member of Fifth Harmony she has spoken with was, Normani says that it was probably Cabello, since she just saw her at Jingle Ball.

To hear much more from Normani, including what she considers to be the worst things about touring, check out the video above.

You can also take a behind-the-scenes look at Normani's Billboard cover shoot in the video below.