Rising Singer-Songwriter Shaylen Finds Strength After Heartbreak in Sultry 'Isn't You' Video: Exclusive

Piper Ferguson


Shaylen is moving on from ungrateful lovers in the visual for her second single "Isn't You," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Dec. 18). 

The video follows the singer as she walks through the desert, bathing in golden sunlight. She wanders around an abandoned building and a wide, open road as she asserts, "I don't need you telling me I'm pretty." Later rolling around a huge motel bed, she scoffs, "Thank God that my new guy isn't you."

"I wanted to shoot out in the sparseness of the desert and then in a 'pay by the hour' motel," Shaylen tells Billboard in an emailed statement. "I feel like the energy and loneliness of both locations add to feeling the song conveys. In the end, even though heartbreak sucks and is lonely and isolating and a little desperate, like the desert or a shitty motel, what comes next is strength. I'm O.K."

"Isn't You" follows Shaylen's catchy single "El Dorado," which was released earlier this year along with a music video featuring the singer dipped in gold. 

Get a first look at the video for "Isn't You" below.