Watch Hanson Discuss Creating 'Siren Call': 'It's About Picking Yourself Up & Going to That Next Place'

In this week’s episode of “How It Went Down,” Hanson share the story of how their song “Siren Call” was created, and why they see the track as a reflection of their career as a band.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the song, Zac Hanson tells Billboard that he had been re-reading Homer’s Odyssey, so he had mythical Sirens on his mind. The song, which was written in 2016, was created for their Loud EP (they record an EP every year for their fan club) and, as Taylor Hanson explains, part of that idea is to challenge themselves by writing something quickly.

“In one day, we're basically writing the song, recording the song, from scratch,” Zac says. “Guitars are set, everything is ready to pick up at any moment, just to go as fast as possible to record.”

Taylor notes that not every song of theirs comes together that quickly, though, explaining, “Every song isn't that way. There are songs that sit for years and find their way. Songs like ‘MMMBop’ that took years to become a song.” But “Siren Song” came together, he says, thanks to plenty of coffee and lots of lack of sleep.

“Sonically, it's very melancholy and kind of eerie,” Taylor comments, while Isaac Hanson adds that it is the band’s “most truly spooky, groovy song” they have ever released.

“I think you see reflected in this song a lot about our band at some level,” Zac concludes. “We've been through our own set of struggles, we've been going for 25 years, and sometimes it's just about getting up, picking yourself up, and going to that next place.”

You can hear the full story of how Hanson created “Siren Call” in the video above, and hear the String Theory version of the track below.