Ariana Grande Kicks Off Dangerous Woman Tour in Episode 2 of 'Dangerous Woman Diaries': Watch

Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Diaries
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Ariana Grande in episode 2 of the "Dangerous Woman Diaries"

The second episode of Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman Diaries YouTube docuseries was released to non-subscribers on Thursday (Dec. 6) -- just in time for Grande's Billboard Woman of the Year coronation.

The new episode, titled “Here’s the Gag,” follows Grande as she kicks off her Dangerous Woman Tour. In a voice-over, Grande reveals how the YouTube docuseries, which she originally had no intention of creating, came to be. After returning home from tour, Grande and her music director, Alfredo Flores, realized just how much “dope” footage they had and wanted to commemorate the tour for fans. “We wanted to bring you as closely into our world as possible,” Grande says, speaking directly to her fans.

“Here’s the Gag” also delves into Grande’s relationship with twins Brian and Scott Nicholson, her backup dancers and members of her tight-knit inner circle. Grande met Brian and Scott when she was 17 years old when they auditioned for her. After their fateful meeting, Grande decided she could “never be without [them] ever again,” calling the twins “two of the most talented people on the face of the planet.” “As a human, as an artist, I’m incomplete without Brian and Scott,” the singer touchingly admitted.

The rest of the episode features incredible footage, entirely shot by Flores, of the opening night of the Dangerous Woman Tour. In a particularly goosebump-inducing moment, Grande sits crouched underneath the stage, listening excitedly to her fans chant her name as she prepares to begin the tour. Watching this moment in hindsight of her massive year, with the release of her critically acclaimed Sweetener album and doing nothing short of breaking the internet with “thank u, next,” Grande appears destined for this level of fame all along, but the beauty in this intimate footage is that she has no idea yet.

Arianators who couldn’t make it to the tour, or those who just want to relive it, are treated to footage from flawlessly choreographed performances of songs like “Be Alright,” “Everyday” and “Bad Decisions.” Footage after the concert shows Grande meeting her fans backstage, calling them “literally some of the most important people in my entire life.” 

The Dangerous Woman Diaries is available now in it’s entirety to YouTube Premium subscribers. For non-subscribers, a new episode of the four-part docuseries will be released each Thursday.