Vitamin String Quartet Covers 5SOS, Khalid, Maroon 5 For 2018 Greatest Hits Compilation: Exclusive

Vitamin String Quartet
Tony Tenenbaum

Vitamin String Quartet

The L.A.-based Vitamin String Quartet (VSQ) has created another impressive compilation of 2018's greatest hits. While the album will be available to purchase and stream on Friday, Dec. 7, Billboard is exclusively premiering the set one day early. 

This second volume of hits comes after VSQ's release earlier in the year, which includes interpretations of Bazzi's "Mine," Drake's "God's Plan," Shawn Mendes's "In My Blood" and more. This new release will feature popular tracks from 5 Seconds of Summer, BLACKPINK, XXXTentacion, and Marshmello and others. 

VSQ creative director James Curtiss shared the process of choosing songs for these compilations with Billboard, stating, "Choosing what to cover for our semi-annual comps is the most enjoyable, yet challenging part of VSQ. Fun in that the scope of pop music today is so far-reaching you’ve got so much to play with; from the lo-fi, almost gothic hip-hop in XXXTENTACION’s work, to the emotional house music at the heart of “Promises,” to the K-pop free-for-all that is BLACKPINK’s “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du."

VSQ is actually not a foursome, but a name used to refer to the long-running series of musical releases by the CMH Label Group. The rotating combo is known for releasing instrumental renditions of the hits of today and beyond, covering acts ranging from Ed Sheeran to Ozzy Osbourne, to Lady Gaga and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Vitamin String Quartet's The Hits of 2018 Vol. 2 includes nine of 2018's most celebrated tracks and is now available for streaming. Check out the complete track list and listen below.

1.    Sad! - Originally performed by XXXTENTACION
2.    Promises - Originally performed by Calvin Harris & Sam Smith
3.    Girls Like You - Originally performed by Maroon 5 feat. Cardi B
4.    Ddu-Du Ddu-Du - Originally performed by BLACKPINK
5.    The Middle - Originally performed by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey
6.    Youngblood - Originally performed by 5 Seconds of Summer
7.    Happier - Originally performed by Marshmello and Bastille
8.    Love Lies - Originally performed by Khalid and Normani
9.    Thunderclouds - Originally performed by Sia, Diplo and Labrinth