Young Culture Mourns Lost Love on Stinging '21 Days': Exclusive

Young Culture
Danny DeRusso

Young Culture

Young Culture is singing right through the breakup pain on their moody new single “21 Days,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Dec. 5).

The pop-punk band featuring vocalist Alex Magnan, guitarist Gabe Pietrafesa, guitarist Troy Burchett and drummer Nick Cavin hit hard with a bruised ode to love come and gone over the course of the song’s titular three weeks. Frontman Magnan stretches his angsty vocals over the song’s repetitive guitar riffs. Magan’s urgent delivery, coupled with his emotionally-loaded voice makes “21 Days” reminiscent of the pop-punk greats of the early-to-mid 2000s such as New Found Glory and Sum 41. Capturing the song’s sharp sting of heartbreak, Magnan sings, “Looking up at you now/ Because you’re heaven-sent but your halo’s down.”

“21 Days” is Young Culture’s first release off of their new EP, (This Is) Heaven, set for release on Jan. 18. The five track EP loosely tells the story of Magnan’s life over the past year, embracing all the good, and especially the bad things, that have happened to him. 

"Writing this song was a perfect opportunity to take a dark situation and make it into something beautiful,” Magnan tells Billboard. “I guess you could say that’s the theme for the new EP, which is why we felt ’21 Days’ was a perfect song to release at this time.” 

Listen to “21 Days” and check out the (This Is) Heaven album art below.