Everything Written in Ariana Grande's Burn Book in 'Thank U, Next' Video

In her newly released “thank u, next” music video, Ariana Grande’s Mean Girls-inspired Burn Book is anything but the collection of catty comments from the 2004 film.

Grande, who mentions four of her exes in the chart-topping Billboard Hot 100 song, channels her inner-Regina George in the opening scene of the music video. As she name-drops her exes in the song’s first verse, the video shows her pasting their photos into her positive twist on the Mean Girls Burn Book.

As Grande flips through the book, Big Sean’s page is revealed quickly on camera. Next to an adorable photo of the couple, who dated from August 2014 to April 2015, Grande scribbled, “So cute, so sweet (could still get it).”

The next page shown belongs to her ex Ricky Alvarez, her backup dancer that she began dating in 2015. On his page, Grande wrote “friends forever” and “great dancer” along with Alvarez’s name in a heart.

In perhaps the most anticipated reveal of all, Grande turns to the Burn Book page for ex-fiancé Pete Davidson, whom she had a whirlwind romance with beginning in May. On the page, Grande reassures Davidson “I love u always” and adds “sry I dipped,” in reference to her ending their relationship in October. Grande also poked fun at, or perhaps confirmed, a suggestive tweet she wrote about Davidson earlier in the summer by writing “HUUUUGE” on his Burn Book page.

Grande’s final ex mentioned in the song, the late Mac Miller, was purposely left out of the Burn Book. Grande confirmed to a fan on Twitter last week that “M ain’t in the book he next to my bed." In the video, when Grande sings her line about Miller, "Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm/'Cause he was an angel," she looks up at the sky in a touching nod to the late rapper.

See if you can spot all of Grande’s scribbles in the “thank u, next” music video below.