Rising Singer-Producer Layto Debuts Electrifying New Track 'The Low Boy': Exclusive

Nathan James


Layto -- a Boston-based roofer and custodial worker-turned-indie act -- is debuting his latest single, “The Low Boy,” exclusively on Billboard today (Dec. 3).

The hip-hop-singed alternative pop track explores themes of endurance and courage, while a catchy hook lends the song a massive energy. “Everybody say no boy,” Layto asserts on the chorus, “You are going too low boy/ Just pick up and run/ No I can’t be done.”

The singer-producer recently signed to independent label Lowly, and is ready to embrace all the music industry has to offer: “I’m not saying I’ve been homeless or that I’ve gone without food -- I’ve been fortunate enough to live comfortably," he says. "I’m saying I’m a normal guy with callouses on his hands from hammering nails into a roof. I make music because it’s my language and I’m trading this hammer for a fucking mic.”

The Low Boy EP -- featuring the titular new track -- is set to re-release on Jan. 22.

Get a first listen of "The Low Boy" below.