The 1975 Release Emotional, Acoustic Video for 2013 Song '102'

The 1975 "102"
Courtesy Photo

Matt Healy of The 1975 in an acoustic video for "102"

The 1975 released a new music video for “102” -- a song that came out back in 2013. Done in black-and-white, the video features lead singer Matty Healy softly singing into a mic while strumming a guitar. The single-shot video circles around Healy as he plays alone in a room. The camera gets in close offering an intimate portrait, fitting the acoustic take of the song.

Healy laments about a lost love who did not reciprocate his feelings. The title might refer to the time, 1:02 in the morning, though there is little official information available about the meaning behind the track.

The new video mirrors the composition of an earlier release, which shows Healy sitting on a park bench singing and playing the guitar. The older version, which has been circulating online for at least five years, is also in black and white. There is a third video that features the British musician with 1975 bandmate Adam Hann playing lead guitar. This is the only one in color.

The three versions offer a unique insight on the evolution of The 1975. In the first video the sound of the wind and the birds in the park can be heard in the background. The camera is shakier and probably handheld -- a contrast to the professional quality of the new release. Instead of creating a homemade atmosphere with Healy playing outside, the third version is more produced. Healy is in a large room that looks like a studio equipped with a piano and drum set. Both the camera and the mic are more crisp. Despite the more than five-year lapse between the two videos, Healy’s performance is still just as raw.

The 1975 will drop their new album, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships, on Friday.