Billie Eilish Reveals She Has Tourette Syndrome After Compilation of Her Tics Emerges Online

Billie Eilish
Dan Regan

Billie Eilish

On Tuesday (Nov. 27), Billie Eilish confirmed that she has Tourette Syndrome and that she was diagnosed with the disorder when she was a child.

The 16-year-old singer took to Instagram to set the record straight after compilation videos of her tics began to surface online. Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that causes a person to have involuntary physical or verbal tics. In Eilish’s case, she exhibits physical tics, not verbal.

"I've never mentioned [my Tourette Syndrome] on the internet because nobody thinks I'm deadass," Eilish wrote on her Instagram story. "As well as the fact I've just never wanted people to think of tourettes every time they think of me."

The “When the Party’s Over” singer went on to mention how her disorder has been a constant part of her life since she was a child. “I’ve taught myself ways of suppressing my tics and certain techniques to help [reduce] them when I don’t want to be distracting in certain situations,” she wrote. “Wasn’t planning on talking about this on here maybe ever, but it’s gotten to a point.”

Instead of taking offense to the compilation videos, Eilish let it roll off her back, writing that the videos are “low-key funny.” 

Read Eilish’s full Instagram story below:

Courtesy of Billie Eilish via Instagram

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