Alex Winston Pays Homage to 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' in Star-Spangled 'Tourist' Video: Exclusive

Alex Winston, "Tourist"
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Alex Winston, "Tourist"

Detroit-bred, Los Angeles-based musician Alex Winston has unveiled a fantastical new video for her single "Tourist," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Nov. 28).

The clip opens with Winston paying tribute to the listening days of old, placing a tape into a cassette player. The retro vibe is perhaps a brief nod to the theme for the rest of the video: 1999 romance/comedy/thriller movie Drop Dead Gorgeous. The cult film stars the likes of Kirsten Dunst, Denise Richards, Allison Janney and Amy Adams, and centers around a rapidly devolving beauty pageant.

Winston's video intertwines shots of her dancing and jamming her way around the suburbs of L.A. with fantasies of herself as a pageant contestant parading around in patriotic headgear and clothing. The latter is a recreated scene from the film, replacing "This Land is Your Land" with her original song.

"I was excited to combine my two favorite things: Drop Dead Gorgeous, and driving around Santa Clarita in the back of a pick up truck for 8 hours," Winston tells Billboard.

Winston's inclusion of monuments in the video is clever, especially considering the "gave my body like a monument" lyric that frequents in the chorus. As the video rolls along, she really leans into the red, white and blue spirit, donning a flag-themed top and pants while wailing on the guitar in the back of a pick up truck and her former pageant competitors replace their headgear with star-spangled hats.

"Tourist" serves as Winston's most recent entry back into the spotlight. Now operating independently, the singer released a joint project with MS MR's Max Hershenow under the moniker Post Precious in July. She then kicked off her return to solo work in August with the release of "Tourist." Expect to see more new music from Winston in 2019.

Get a first look at the video for "Tourist" below.