Rainsford Floats Away to 'Somewhere Else' On New Track: Premiere

Alexandra Spencer


Rising indie singer Rainsford unveils her new single "Somewhere Else," premiering on Billboard today (Nov. 16). 

Rainsford, who frequently collaborates with boyfriend Twin Shadow, has created a delightfully dreamy track with '90s R&B elements. "I wanna be the one that you hate to lose/tell me what you want me to do," she sings.

“I was taking a medication for a while," Rainsford (born Rainey Qualley) tells Billboard in an emailed statement, explaining that "Somewhere Else" is at least partyly a reflection of some of her medicated dreaming. "Unbeknownst to me at the time, it has a side effect of causing really intense dreams and nightmares. Dreams and the unconscious state of mind are really interesting to me," she adds. "The way we string these flashes of images together to tell ourselves a story is very revealing."

After releasing her debut EP Emotional Support Animal earlier this year, the aspiring singer/songwriter has continued working on new music, giving fans a glimpse into her colorful world with "Somewhere Else."

Listen to the full track below.