Aliana Lohan Unveils Debut Single 'Long Way Down': Exclusive

Aliana Lohan
Austin Daniels

Aliana Lohan

Aliana Lohan is hitting a new peak, while sizing up how far she has come, on “Long Way Down,” premiering exclusively today (Nov. 15) on Billboard via Swagg Media.

Lohan, who began her professional singing career as a teenager under the family umbrella with 2006’s Lohan Holiday, is now stepping out as a solo artist with a completely mature and fresh sound. The song finds Lohan wearing many hats, emoting conflicted feelings and apprehension as a balladeer in the first verse which leads into an expansive chorus that taps into both rock and pop for a heavier mix.

The second-youngest sibling in the Lohan family has also worked as an actress and model since she was a child, but she finds a creative outlet that feels closer to her true self as she ushers in the next phase of her career in music.  

“I believe that we’re all born with a specific purpose and we each have a plethora of traits that distinguish us apart from the crowd. As a child my love for the arts brought me to the place I am at today, modeling, acting and music being my first love,” Lohan tells Billboard. “Each of these artistic crafts make up my composition and staying true to my own path makes me feel as if I have found my most comfortable sense of self. I’ve always been a firm believer in timing and the time for my voice to be heard is now."

As a debut single, “Long Way Down” shows that despite the risky heights, the sky is the only limit for Aliana Lohan.

Lohan reportedly has an EP in the works with more details forthcoming in 2019.

Get a first listen of “Long Way Down” below.