Zayn and Nicki Minaj Team Up For Steamy 'No Candle No Light': Listen

Zayn and Nicki Minaj shared their highly-anticipated collaboration "No Candle No Light" on Thursday (Nov. 15).

"No Candle No Light" tells the story of a couple whose relationship has run its course. Kicking off with Minaj's unmistakable "Young Money" call, the rapper smoothly slides in with the lyrics, "Hand on your hand/ Chest on your chest/ Tangled in bed/ But I'm feeling you less." Zayn's voice is silkier than ever as he continues to contemplate about the relationship in the following verses. Zayn and Minaj then share singing responsibilities om the chorus, vocalizing over a sultry beat.

The collaboration is a long time in the making; rumors of a Zayn/Minaj joint effort first circled back in March 2017, when fans who attended a listening party for Zayn reportedly heard a snippet of a track featuring Minaj.

Listen to "No Candle No Light" below.