Ashley Tisdale Opens Up About 'Symptoms' Album, Talks Eliminating Stigma Around Depression

Ashley Tisdale
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Ashley Tisdale attends the Amazon Music Unboxing Prime Day event on July 11, 2018 in Brooklyn, New York.

Ashley Tisdale took to Access Live on Monday (Nov. 12) to discuss how depression and anxiety influenced her upcoming album, Symptoms. When asked why she decided to discuss her mental health struggles on her first album in nine years, Tisdale said, "I wanted to make someone at home feel less alone in their journey. It's hard to be vulnerable. It's scary, but I think that it's important to share what I've been through, and say that I'm human and I go through those things too."

The "Voices In My Head" singer also described how she was inspired to get back into studio after reading a self-help book that talked about fear of failure and noticing the negative stigma around people suffering from depression. "Whenever I'm with my friends, it's really easy to be like, 'Who suffers from anxiety?' and everyone will raise their hand," she said. "But if you say 'Who suffers from depression?' no one will raise their hand because there's a stigma around the word and I think we have to let go of that."

The show's hosts then read Tisdale a comment from a fan who said they were proud of the singer. Teary eyed, Tisdale expressed that she never anticipated such an overwhelming, positive response from the music. "Sometimes this world can be really dark and the whole point of this album is that you need to be your own light and you need to get yourself through it. It really is a journey," the singer said of the upcoming album, the follow-up to 2009's Guilty Pleasure.

Check out the full interview below.