Lady Gaga Talks Keeping 'A Star Is Born' Mementos, Watching The Film Incognito in 'Variety' Cover Story

Lady Gaga on the cover of Variety
Art Streiber for Variety

Lady Gaga on the cover of Variety.

Lady Gaga discusses the permanent impact A Star Is Born has had on her life in an interview for Variety magazine’s latest cover story.

“I still feel Ally inside of me,” Gaga said. “I wonder how long she’ll stay. Or if she’ll be in there forever.”

In the photographs for the article, shot at Gaga’s Malibu home before she evacuated due to fires, Gaga chose to wear the taupe men’s collared shirt that Bradley Cooper’s character Jackson Maine gives to Ally in the film, a visual demonstration of the way her real life is now interwoven with A Star Is Born.

“They are things I will want to show my little girl or little boy and say, ‘Here they are. You can touch them,’” Gaga said of the mementos she took from the film, which also include Ally’s songbook and a bottle of Mr. Bubble from the bathtub scene. “I want them to have a close, tangible, poetic experience with the film the way I have.”

Gaga compares the film’s profound impact on her to the enormous success of her 2009 album The Fame Monster, which cemented her status as a pop megastar. “This feels for me very much like that, but in a different way, because I have all the wisdom slash pain and betrayal of the last 10 years,” Gaga told Variety.

Although she has not read any of the reviews of A Star Is Born, Gaga did reveal that has watched the film an estimated five to 10 times. Recently, she went to watch it at a local movie theater unnoticed, sneaking out before the film’s heartbreaking ending. “I feel so entrenched in the character that the second half of the film is so emotional and tragic," Gaga said. “I have to take myself out of it.”

The box office smash has grossed more than $300 billion since early October, and has received a significant amount of Oscar buzz. In the interview, Gaga confirmed that if the film’s chart-topping song “Shallow” is nominated for an Oscar for best song, she’ll perform it at the ceremony “one hundred percent.” Cooper even chimed in to reveal he would sing the duet live with Gaga in a “cool, unorthodox way.”

For Gaga, an outspoken advocate of women’s rights, the passionate dialogue between Ally and Maine in “Shallow” is what has given the song such a strong impact. “To me, that conversation is what makes the song successful…It’s because that man and woman connect, and they are listening to each other," she said.  

Read Gaga’s full interview here, and check out the Variety cover below.   

Art Streiber for Variety
Lady Gaga on the cover of Variety.