Pop Duo LEXXA on 'Get Out': 'We're Inspired by '80s-Inspired Music' (Exclusive Premiere)

Connor Pritchard


Billboard unveils the second clip from New Zealand sisters Maude & Julia Morris.

First came the '80s, and the original synth era.

Then, bands inspired by the '80s, riding a new wave of new wave.

Now, artists just young enough to have grown up listening to the latter, perhaps more so than the former, are continuing the legacy of the sound's euphoric production and melodies.

For LEXXA, twin sisters Maude and Julia Morris of New Zealand, their (shared) birthdates place them in the style's latest generation.

"It's funny, people always say to us, 'Man, you must listen to so much '80s music,' but we don't really," Maude says with a chuckle. "We listen to a lot of pop that is '80s-inspired. We say that we're inspired by '80s-inspired music.

"We really love Shura, Muna, King Princess," Maude muses. "I love CHVRCHES," Julia adds. "They're one of my all-time faves. Also, Pale Waves; they came to New Zealand a couple months ago, but we were playing a show that night, so we didn't get to see them. I was real gutted."

(If you have to miss a show, playing one of your own is a good reason.)

LEXXA formed after Maude and Julia were previously making music separately. "Since our voices sound exactly the same, when we sing, it sounds like the same person," says Maude (who can be identified by the blue highlights in her hair, while Julia's are pink, although that can change). "We [figured], we might as well join up and get some amazing layers and harmonies."

LEXXA played Listen's showcase in Melbourne, Australia, in June, the same month that the duo released its first single and video, "I Got Better Friends Now" (on Tone Tonic). Now, Billboard premieres the pair's follow-up clip for "Get Out," a confection that's likewise sonically exhilarating, which helps obscure darker lyrics, as synth songs tend to do, no matter the era.

"I just sat down one day ... I don't even remember writing it," Maude says of "Get Out." "It pretty much came out in full form, in a couple hours. I took it to Julia and we changed the key and the tempo."

They then went to Studio 509/Big Pop Studios, where Chris Van de Geer provided additional production (and where Maude works as an engineer), "but," recalls Julia, "the bulk of it was made in Maude's bedroom."

Did it sound like a potential single? "As soon as I wrote it, I was like, 'This is the best song I've ever written,' " Maude says. "I showed everyone I knew. I was like, 'Oh my God, you guys, listen to this song!' "

LEXXA (a name that the duo randomly chose) filmed the beach-set "Get Out" video on a warm winter's day on the west coast of New Zealand, about a half hour from Auckland. As with "Friends," the "Get Out" clip was directed and produced by rising New Zealand videographer Connor Pritchard. Both videos also feature canine co-stars, including their manager's, Colin (who had "the best day at the beach. He had so much fun").

Looking toward 2019, LEXXA is writing and recording and eyeing more Australia shows, all of which just might inspire future acts inspired by acts inspired by '80s-inspired music.

From on-camera to on-stage and in-studio, says Maude, "We don't feel like we're fully there yet, but people say, 'You look so comfortable!' We're like, 'That's good.' "


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