LANY Explain How Crying in a Car Inspired 'Thru These Tears': Watch

LANY’s Paul Jason Klein, Jake Goss, and Les Priest sat down with Billboard to share the story of how their song “Thru These Tears” came to life as part of the “How It Down” video series.

Speaking of the lead single from their recently released album Malibu Nights, frontman Klein tells Billboard that during the process of writing the record, he was collaborating with several different writers and he felt that it was his “artistic responsibility” to come in each day with a song title or concept for what he wanted to work on.

The night before he wrote “Thru These Tears,” Klein explains that he went was driving home after having gone to dinner by himself, and because he was "going through something" at the time, he started crying his eyes out to the point when he had to pull his car over.

“I just cried myself dry,” he says, “And then I had this thought…you absolutely are gonna be OK. You just can't see it right now through your tears. And I was like, bam, that's what I'm going to do tomorrow. I'm going to write a song called ‘Thru These Tears.’”

After creating a demo of the track the following day, Klein sent it to his bandmates. Recalling listening to it for the first time, Goss says that he knew right away that it was going to be a really special song. “It could change the course of the band,” he remembers thinking. “I was like, this could be the song.”

“Everyone thought that it had some potential,” adds Klein, while noting that he was unsure about some of the verses and didn’t think that they were that good. So they spent two more days rewriting those parts until they got them right.

"’Thru These Tears’ is really about telling yourself that you're going to be OK,” he says. “And kind of that inward talk that you have with yourself. Admitting that this hurts, and that this sucks and that this feels like it's taking forever to get better, but I do know that ultimately time heals all wounds, and I'm gonna be OK.”

You can hear the full story of how LANY’s “Thru These Tears” was created in the video above.


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