Takeover Tuesday Playlist: Rozzi Mends Broken Hearts With Ariana Grande, Drake, HAIM & More

Robin Harper


Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week, Billboard taps chart-topping artists and tastemakers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. We give the artists free rein to base the list on whatever subject they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

After being discovered by Adam Levine when she was 19, Rozzi has been hard at work. Since then, the San Francisco native (now 27) has toured with Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw and Owl City, and has released a string of singles, including her breakthrough hit, "Uphill Battle."

The budding songstress is now gearing up to release her debut album, Bad Together, on Nov. 16. Inspired by a previous relationship, Rozzi uses the ups and downs of love and chronicles her past experiences, which in turn, brought the album to life -- and inspired her Takeover Tuesday Playlist. 

"My album Bad Together tells the story of a relationship from start to finish," she explains. "The beginning is all about falling in love but, like many songwriters before me, I was more inspired by the breakup than anything else. So this is a playlist of my favorite songs to listen to while I’m getting over a heartbreak."

Rozzi's 16-song playlist features an eclectic mix of pop, alternative and country and includes two of her own tracks, while HAIM, Ariana Grande, NAO, Kacey Musgraves and more also make appearances on the heart-rendering track list. 

Check out Rozzi's Takeover Tuesday Playlist below.