Get to Know 'You're Somebody Else' Husband-Wife Duo Flora Cash: Watch

Husband-and-wife duo Flora Cash sat down with Billboard to share some interesting facts about themselves as part of the “You Should Know” video series, revealing how they first met each other, what shows they love to binge watch, who they want to collaborate with and more.

The pair first met on SoundCloud, Shpresa Lleshaj tells Billboard. The Swedish-born musician was living in Stockholm at the time and was looking for new music on the website when she came across Cole Randall’s page.

“I noticed her comments and went and listened to her music and so we started talking about collaborating musically,” Randall adds. “One thing led to another, ended up Skype-chatting for five months, pretty much every single hour of the day, and then she came to Minneapolis.”

Asked which television shows they have most recently binge-watched, Lleshaj replies that it’s The Office. Randall names South Park, while also pointing out that when they’re on the road and staying in hotel rooms, he gets really into HGTV because “it’s very homey.”

As for which musicians they would love to collaborate with (dead or alive), Randall says that he really likes Post Malone and that working with him would be “pretty sweet,” whereas Lleshaj chooses Michael Jackson.

The duo also chat about the inspiration behind their song “You’re Somebody Else,” with Randall explaining, “I lit a candle in the kitchen and started playing a riff, and we both were like, oh that's a great riff.”

“And then I think it just kind of became a therapy for us,” he continues. “We just felt that we weren't who we wanted to be. So you look like yourself, but you're somebody else was how we felt.”

You can watch the full video above to learn even more about Flora Cash.