12 Times We Fell in Love With Katy Perry's Dog Nugget

Katy Perry Nugget
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Katy Perry leaves American Idol auditions with her dog Nugget on Oct. 30, 2018 in New York City. 

Katy Perry's teacup poodle Nugget has spent a significant amount of time in the spotlight. From accompanying the pop star on Witness: The Tour to making cameos on American Idol and even landing some studio time with Zedd, the adorable pup continues to gain attention.

His hefty fanbase has led to an Instagram page filled with photos of Nugget in tiny outfits along with his adventures with the 34-year-old pop star.

As the Internet continues to obsess over the tiny pup, Billboard has rounded up 12 of Nugget's cutest moments with Mom.

Check out the pup in all his fluffy glory below:

1. Katy Perry took Nugget along with her to vote in the 2018 midterm elections.

While puppies don't have the right to vote, little Nugget was still present at the polls on Tuesday, accompanying Perry as she wore a patriotic outfit complete with red pants and an electric-blue top with white stripes. 


periodt. #voting

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 2. Nugget made an appearance on American Idol during last year's auditions. 

The teacup poodle joined Perry at the American Idol auditions last year, where he had a velvet Mickey Mouse hat draped on his tiny body. Perry captioned the adorable photo: "Nugget's ready, are you?"

 3. The tiny poodle enjoys his extremely glamorous grooming sessions.

It is no surprise that the pop singer's poodle has a rigorous beauty routine, as seen in this jazzy, slow-motion video of Nugget with a team -- yes team -- of groomers. 

4. Nugget tries speed dating for the first time with some equally adorable candidates. 

The small puppy sat at a table patiently waiting to fall in love, Lady and the Tramp style, complete with a spaghetti and meatball dinner along with a few other adorable dogs. 

5. Strolling down the street in sunglasses and a denim jacket, it's easy to see how Nugget can be a style icon.

It's hard to believe that denim jackets can be this stylish for puppies, but Nugget effortlessly pulls off the perfect day look complete with this year's must-have accessory: tiny sunglasses. 

6. Katy Perry's throwback video of baby Nugget when he was '"the size of a beanie baby" is too cute to miss. 

The singer shared a video of Nugget as an even tinier puppy jumping around before trying to grab onto a bone toy. Unfortunately, he doesn't end up grabbing the toy because he is too small, but his attempts are still adorable enough to watch over and over again. 


when nugget was the size of a beanie baby --

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7. Nugget proves that he can look just as cute the morning after a raging party. 

In the photo, Nugget wears oversized sunglasses, laying next to a bottle of bourbon after what appears to be a wild night. "Idc about followers but I hope this one gets me to 56 milly," Mom wrote in the caption.


idc about followers but I hope this one gets me to 56 milly on ig cause my ocd is flaring

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8. Lil Nugget rides around with his friend in a "lil whip."

The tiny pup looks back at the camera as he cruises in his toddler friend's new car, complete with a small license plate that appropriately reads "lil whip."


Collector of miniatures --

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9. A bashful-looking Nugget shows off his sporty side in an Adidas one-piece.

The fluffy poodle looks up at the camera as he rocks an Adidas jacket complete with three stripes on the tiny sleeves.



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10. Katy Perry shows off her silky pink Nugget-patterned pajama set while holding the teacup pup.

Mom is always showing off her puppy, but this time via her pajamas. The pop star shines in a pink two-piece pajama set covered in Nugget's face while she holds her little pup.



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11. Nugget joins in on the fun during Mom's Witness: Coming Home show in Los Angeles. 

During her Witness: Coming Home benefit concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl earlier this year, Nugget managed to pose for a quick-yet-cute photo.

12. Zedd shares a cute snippet of Nugget sitting on the sound board in the studio. 

Zedd enjoyed hanging out with Perry's pooch so much that he posted a Boomerang of Nugget on his Instagram story Wednesday.