10 Things We Really, Really Want From the Spice Girls Reunion Tour

Spice Girls
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Spice Girls

Despite the notable absence of the artist formerly known as Posh Spice, the response to yesterday’s Spice Girls reunion tour announcement makes it clear there are still plenty of fans willing to spice up their lives once again.

And their tongue-in-cheek faux-news broadcast proved that, despite being a member down, the girls haven't lost any of the irreverence or natural chemistry that catapulted them to worldwide fame in the mid-‘90s. As we all get ready to enter the 2019 era of girl power, here’s a look at 10 things we’d like to see from their long-awaited comeback shows:

A shout-out to Victoria

Posh Spice’s no-show appears to have divided fans: Some are arguing that she’s showing a lack of gratitude to the group that made her career, while others believe that she’s already paid her dues. We’re firmly in the latter category. Victoria has often expressed her discomfort with performing, yet still joined the girls on their last reunion tour and their show-stealing Olympics display. She’s earned the right to sit this one out. Plus, the support and well-wishes she offered in an Instagram post yesterday proved that she’s still proud of everything she achieved with the group. It would be a nice touch if the rest of the girls acknowledged her contribution in some way during the tour, too -- perhaps she can participate in the video segments that'll play before and throughout the show.

More relevant support acts

With six U.K. number one singles to her name, Jess Glynne is certainly a shrewd choice for an opener. But when it comes to artists that have carried on the spirit of the group, there are more obvious choices: What about Charli XCX, who has long cited the group as an inspiration and paid homage to "Say You'll Be There" in her recent video? Or what about Little Mix, perhaps their clearest successor of all? The Spice Girls could even go old-school by inviting one-time rivals All Saints to share the stage, or even reaching out to the Backstreet Boys, with whom they've talked about wanting to tour with for some time.

All the hits -- no matter who's singing them

The Spice Girls did play each and every one of their nine UK chart-toppers on their last tour. But they performed Forever-era tracks like "Holler" and "Let Love the Way" -- recorded two years after Geri’s departure -- as a quartet, which raises some questions about how they'll be incorporated into the setlist (if at all). Will Mel B, Emma and Mel C now take on those songs as a trio for the first time, invite Geri to join the party or simply avoid them altogether? Let’s hope it’s not the latter -- the Darkchild-produced R&B of “Holler” remains one of the group’s best singles.   

At least one deep cut

Okay, so no one’s expecting a run of Spice Girls stadium shows to resemble Kylie’s Anti-Tour. But it would be nice to hear at least one track that the girls haven’t performed live. Early B-side “Take Me Home,” Forever cuts “Tell Me Why” and “If You Wanna Have Some Fun” and Aida soundtrack number “My Strongest Suit” all stand up alongside the various Spice and Spiceworld album tracks that have been included previous sets. And pretty much anything would be an improvement on the meh 2007 comeback single that will inevitably make an appearance.

Different solo songs

It's practically a given that each Spice Girl will get a solo moment during the show -- and hopefully they'll pick different songs than the ones they did during their last reunion. Emma (“Maybe”) and Mel C (“I Turn to You”) may stick to the best and biggest uptempos in their back catalogs, but Geri should ditch her cover of “It’s Raining Men” for one of her many (and much better) originals (is the reference to “Bag It Up” in the tour trailer a hint?), and Mel B should drop the Lenny Kravitz cover in favor of U.K. No. 1 “I Want You Back” or the highly underrated “Feels So Good.” 

No disco medleys

One thing we don’t want to hear is “We Are Family.” The Sister Sledge track may be a bona fide classic, but it’s already been wheeled out on two previous tours – the last time in a medley with “Celebration,” “That’s The Way (I Like It)” and “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)”. Even with a relatively slim discography, the group still has enough gems to fill a two-hour show without resorting to wedding dancefloor favorites. And with “Who Do You Think You Are” and “Never Give Up on the Good Times,” they already possess two crowd-pleasing disco anthems of their own.

No cover versions at all

Not everything the Spice Girls did aged well, but their fingerprints are all over contemporary pop -- which means there's no reason to shoehorn in a nod to what's happening on the charts today. The last thing most Spice Girls fans want is something dreary or over-earnest by Ed Sheeran or Sam Smith ruining the celebratory mood.    

A few special guests

While a Taylor Swift-esque parade of A-list guests might be overkill, the a odd one-off guest to make each stadium date unique would be unwelcome. Besides aforementioned next-gen Spice Girls like Charli XCX and Little Mix, what about someone like MØ, who cleverly transformed "Say You'll Be There" into a slow-jam back in 2014? And though it might be a longshot, Missy Elliott reuniting with Mel B for the first ever live performance of "I Want You Back" would be a treat. But if none of those artists can make it, there’s always a certain Grammy-winning superstar who appears to be as excited about the group’s return as the rest of us.

More shows

Hopefully the announcement of six U.K. stadium shows is simply the girls testing the waters. Should tickets sell like the proverbial hot cakes this Saturday, then the group may well be inspired to take the show on the road. North America and the rest of Europe would seem likely, but if the Spice World 2019 U.K. Tour does turn into a truly global one, fingers crossed they'll find the time to visit the cities (Buenos Aires, Beijing, Hong Kong, Cape Town, Sydney) whose dates were abruptly canceled last time around.

An official recording

The Spice Girls haven't exactly shied away from money-making opportunities in the past, which is why the lack of an official recording of their last comeback trek seems even more unfathomable. Indeed, if you want to relive one of the highest grossing pop shows of 2008, you have to be content with the grainy cameraphone footage and dodgy sound uploaded by fans to YouTube. Let’s hope that anyone who can’t get tickets for next year’s shows gets the chance to experience them instead in glorious ultra-HD rather than shaky amateur cam.