Flora Cash Release Powerful 'You're Somebody Else' Video: Watch

flora cash You're Somebody Else
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flora cash, "You're Somebody Else"

Flora Cash released the emotional music video for their song “You’re Somebody Else” on Sunday (Nov. 4).

With its soft, muted colors and lingering, emotional close-ups, the video captures the song’s poignant message about struggling with depression and anxiety. 

The indie pop duo, comprised of husband and wife Cole Randall and Shpresa Lleshaj, were overwhelmed at the outpouring of support from deeply-moved fans after they released “You’re Somebody Else” back in April of 2017. They were so inspired, that they decided to incorporate the personal responses into the song’s music video. 

“We shot this video with a large diverse group of people whose actual casting process involved telling us on home recorded footage what this song meant to them and how they personally related to the lyrics,” Flora Cash said in a release. “Individuals were chosen on the basis of the degree to which they related to the song; it was a really emotional process. We’re honored by their involvement and excited to finally share the result.”

“You’re Somebody Else” is currently at No. 10 on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, dated Nov. 3. 

Watch the new video below.