Lady Gaga Shares Spotify Vertical Video For 'A Star Is Born' Track 'Always Remember Us This Way'

A Star is Born
Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in A Star is Born. 

Lady Gaga shared a Spotify vertical video for the A Star Is Born track "Always Remember Us This Way" on Friday (Nov. 2). 

Featuring scenes from the movie, the sentimental visual follows Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's characters (Ally and Jackson Maine) moments before she goes on stage to perform the song live.

"I love you, I'll always remember us this way," he sweetly tells her before hopping on stage to announce her performance.

Per usual, Gaga's sublime vocal delivery stuns as she recites the heartfelt lyrics, "So when I'm all choked up/ But I can't find the words/ Every time we say good bye
Baby, it hurts/ When the sun goes down/ And the band won't play/ I'll always remember us this way."

The video also offers other scenes from the film, portraying the couple's romantic musical journey. Watch the vertical video here