Justin Timberlake Reunites With BFF Jimmy Fallon & Makes His Vocal Rest Hilarious on 'Tonight Show': Watch

Justin Timberlake
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Justin Timberlake on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 1, 2018.

They did "Slow Turn, Tiny Nod," live dubs and a silent interview.

Rekindling their notorious bromance, Justin Timberlake reunited with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show on Thursday night (Nov. 1) for an evening of silent laughter. Timberlake, currently on vocal rest due to bruised vocal chords, refused to canceled his appearance on the show. So of course, who better than his bestie to interpret his answers and make the best out of a rough situation?    

During a silent interview, Timberlake mimicked his answers as Fallon intuitively knew exactly what his loyal friend was trying to say. According to the silent singer, wife Jessica Biel is loving his current vocal rest since he can't say a word for the next 10 days.    

Promoting Timberlake's new book Hindsight, Fallon went through some of the picture-heavy pages that featured many of the duo's adventures, funny sketches and bits and pieces of their decade-long friendship.   

“I took the liberty to record what I think your answers would be for my next questions” Fallon warned the "My Love" singer, handing him a phone with a mouth on the screen that dubbed Timberlake's mouth. The funny sketch included an impromptu performance of "Mirrors," a lot of “dude man, dude!” and Timberlake even mouthing a funny “motherf----” after Fallon was done.   

The pair also played a hilarious game of "slow turn, tiny nod" where of course, the winner had to make the slowest turn with the tiniest nod without laughing.

The episode's peak came when Jessica Biel joined the two on stage for a round of “best friends challenge” -- a simple game where the actress and the host had to correctly answer the singer’s random questions to see who knew him better. Things got really weird when Fallon knew the couple's safe wordL "pineapple."

For the show's closing scene, Fallon and Timberlake were outside an elevator as the host acknowledged the weird situation. “Dude that got weird... I hope Jess isn't mad...” right before Biel came out swinging, punching Fallon in the face, grabbing her husband and hopping in the lift. 

Watch Justin Timberlake on The Tonight Show below.