Teddy Geiger Calls Shawn Mendes an 'Amazing Talent,' Talks New Music: 'I Want People to See Just Who I Am'

Teddy Geiger sat down with Billboard to discuss what fans can expect from her new music, how she has seen frequent collaborator Shawn Mendes grow as a musician over the years, and why she decided to be so open with fans about her transition.

“I've done a lot of writing for other people, other projects, and what I tried to do with the music I'm putting out for myself is kind of keep it where I'm doing everything,” the singer-songwriter and producer tells Billboard, adding that her forthcoming solo album LillyAnna -- which she will be releasing under the name "teddy<3" -- is very much about what she likes and will be a reflection of her personal tastes.

Geiger also chats about Shawn Mendes, who she has co-written and produced numerous songs for over the years, noting that she has loved watching him grow as an artist.

“When I first met him, he had just learned to play the guitar,” Geiger recalls, “And it's been crazy to see him from his first steps doing that. He's just really such an amazing talent, and it's been such a pleasure to…be there every step of the way and see him continually push himself to grow and learn new things.”

In the interview, the musician also opens up about coming out as transgender last year and why she spoke so freely about her experience.

“Being open with my fans and everybody that I work with…as I'm going through this, I just want everyone to be with me, and to know what's up,” she says. “There's no reason not to, and people wanted to know, and they were asking questions. And so I just came out with everything and was like, this is what's gonna be happening and this is what's going on.”

“I want people to see just who I am,” she notes, “And give them that window into what I've been through, and how this all unfolds.”

You can watch the full video interview with Teddy Geiger above.