Jason Alexander Stars as a Has-Been Boy Bander in BOYO's 'Attics' Music Video: Exclusive Premiere

Jason Alexander
Courtesy Photo

Jason Alexander in BOYO's music video for "Attics."

Below, BOYO premieres the music video for "Attics" from his upcoming album Dance Alone. The depressingly hilarious video stars actor Jason Alexander as a balding, overweight, middle-aged man who can't let go of his past as a buzzed-about frontman of a '90s boy band. Listlessly going through his home, surrounded by old merchandise, awards and promotional materials, the faded Alexander ends up fighting with his younger boy-band self, played by BOYO. The final result is a video that makes us think about what happens to the human products of celebrity culture when the media cycle that created them is done with them. 

"Everyone around me (family, friends, myself included) can confidently say I'm a neurotic, fifty-something, divorcee at heart. Who better to play a fictionalized 'older me' than the embodiment of jumbled, charming neurosis: Jason Alexander," BOYO tells Billboard. "I sat down with regular collaborators Nathan Castiel and Patrick Jewett and devised a plot-line mirroring the 'Behind the Music' episodes of yore, where you see the opulence and excess of a musician (in this case, 'Boyz On Da Corner,' a fictional boy band) in their heyday in supremely dark contrast with the version of the human walking the earth today."

Alexander became a household name for his portrayal of George Costanza on the television series Seinfeld.

Out Nov. 9 from Danger Collective Records, Dance Alone was created after a year of BOYO's struggles with depression and isolation. A month before his 21st birthday, BOYO experienced a grand mal seizure before a show. He was prescribed anti-convulsive medication that made him depressed and reclusive, a state in which he became more intensely involved with home-recording. His new album is a result of that.

"Dance Alone is about polarity in life; when shit hits the fan, sometimes you just want to dance alone," BOYO tells Billboard. "It’s an album where heaviness and light-self-awareness coexist on the same plane."

Watch "Attics" here.