Astrid S Escapes a Toxic Relationship With Herself in Thrilling 'Emotion' Video: Watch

Astrid S - Emotion
Courtesy Photo

Astrid S, "Emotion"

Astrid S struggles to escape a toxic relationship with herself in the thrilling music video for her single “Emotion,” which premieres Thursday (Nov. 1).

“Emotion” is a synth-pop anthem featuring a danceable melody that eventually builds to a powerful bass drop. Grounding the song is Astrid’s soft and melodious voice, as she sings lyrics like “Did you forget that I’ve got a thing called emotion?,” exposing the emotional heart of the song.

Astrid took to Iceland to film the icy video, inspired by the psychological thriller Black Swan, in which she tries to escape a harmful relationship with herself.

  “I wanted the video to show a loving but toxic relationship. I also wanted it to show a different side of the song -- how you sometimes can be your own biggest enemy -- being self-destructive,” Astrid said in a release.

Check out the full “Emotion” video below.