Christina Aguilera Releases Burlesque Teaser Video For 'Wonderland': Watch

Christina Aguilera
Milan Zrnic

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera shared a snippet for what appears to be the music video for her sultry single "Wonderland" on Thursday (Nov. 1) via Twitter.

"Welcome to My Wonderland," the singer captioned the video on Twitter. The teaser opens with scenes showing all of the over-the-top glamour and glitz reminiscent of a burlesque club. 

Aguilera's voice gently flows over as she says, "If you're getting curious/Come along/It'll never be the same/There's no such thing as yesterday." Her edgy-yet-glamorous blonde locks pair perfectly with her purple fur dress and fishnet shirt seen in the teaser.  

While the track does not appear on her 2018 Liberation album, the 37-year-old pop star first premiered "Wonderland" on The Liberation Tour

Check out the teaser for "Wonderland" below.