Maddie Simpson Debuts Dreamy 'Woulda Never' Video: Exclusive

Maddie Simpson
Trevor Flores

Maddie Simpson

Maddie Simpson is running the tape back on a past relationship in her first-ever music video, premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Nov. 1).

In the visual directed by Marcella Cytrynowicz, the 20-year-old pop singer searches her memories for telltale signs of a souring romance. Simpson nails her music video debut with a retro aesthetic that complements her throwback '90s pop-R&B sound. Shot completely on 16mm film, the video looks like an old home movie, which adds another layer of authenticity to the singer’s personal lyrics.

“This song is a story about an experience I went through in a relationship a few years ago,” Simpson tells Billboard. “I didn’t write about it for a long while after it happened, and it wasn’t until after writing it that I realized how much I wish I would’ve had a song like ‘Woulda Never’ when I was going through my situation.”

Simpson appears to welcome the opportunity to relate to others about her experience while also offering a bit of lightness to the ordeal.

“Heartbreak is lonely, and I hope this song conveys that we all go through the same sort of things," she says, "and perhaps, this will help someone who might be going through a similar situation right now.”

Get a first look at the video for “Woulda Never” below.