Jacob Sartorius Reveals Surprise EP 'Better With You,' Shares Stories Behind Each Track: Exclusive

Jacob Sartorius
Sam Cahill

Jacob Sartorius

Just a few days ago, Jacob Sartorius teased a new track called "Better With You" for release on Nov. 2, captioning a post of the album artwork with "Start of something big." Much to the excitement of his fans, that something big isn't just one song -- it's an entire EP.

The 16-year-old singer revealed today (Nov. 1) that he'll be dropping a new seven-song EP titled Better With You on Nov. 2, and he shared the story behind each track exclusively with Billboard. The project includes Sartorius' previously released tunes "Hooked On A Feeling" and "Up With It," both of which were inspired by a real-life relationship that had the pop singer madly in love. In fact, love is what the entire EP is about, whether it's happy or heartbreaking.

"Better With You" serves as the title track for that reason, and though it's the third song on the track list, its wavy vibe and upbeat melody set the tone for the entire EP. Sartorius proves that despite the heartbreak a relationship can bring sometimes, there's nothing like being in love.

Ahead of the EP's release, Sartorius revealed the inspiration behind each track. Pre-order Better With You here, and check out the stories behind the songs below.

"We’re Not Friends"

"We wrote this song kind of as a 'friend zone' song. It’s basically about being in that position where you want to be more than friends with somebody, and you’re just done hearing about the other guys she’s been with or trying to be with."

"Hooked On A Feeling"

"That feeling of being so close with somebody can sometimes be too good to be true. I released this track earlier this year and wanted to keep it on the project because I was in a special place in my life when we released this one."

"Better With You"

"I’m a pretty laid back guy and don’t mind spending time alone, but this record to me is about the positivity of a relationship and that feeling of wanting to be with somebody because you truly are your better version of yourself when you’re with that person. This is also the title track on the EP and the melodies are my favorite on the project!"


"I’m so over problems! It seems like every day I’m running into problem after problem but I think that’s something everybody runs into. I wanted to spread a universal message through a catchy melody that everybody has problems even when you’re just being yourself and trying to get along with everyone."


"I would rather break a girl's curfew than their heart for sure. This song was inspired by some moments where I just wanted to spend five more minutes with that person because our time together was so special. I also feel like a lot of kids my age have some sort of curfew so I felt like this was super fun and relatable to kids my age."

"Said No One Ever"

"Love hurts. I’ve dealt with heartbreak and it’s not easy. When you love somebody so much and you can’t be with them it really hurts. So we came up with this message that basically says, 'Yeah, right -- nobody has ever said love didn’t hurt because it hurts BAD at times.'"

"Up With It"

"This record is about being in love, and the video was really fun to make! Fun fact: one of my tour managers can be found playing drums in the music video. We did a bet on-set to decide who was going to play the drums, and he was the one that lost. If you need me to sing at any weddings, hit me up."