Rufus Wainwright & Darren Criss Bash Donald Trump in Symbolic 'Sword of Damocles' Video: Watch

Rufus Wainwright, "Sword of Damocles"
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Rufus Wainwright, "Sword of Damocles"

Rufus Wainwright released his new, politically charged song “Sword of Damocles” on Wednesday (Oct. 31) along with a new music video starring Darren Criss.

Wainwright’s swelling piano ballad drips in political satire, using his video platform as a way to directly address President Trump. In the video’s opening text, he informs Trump that “This ancient story, from the 4th century, reminds me of you. Love, Rufus.”

The text then begins to tell the tale of Damocles, a servant “brat” who is jealous of the king’s power. “Through supernatural forces, the two roles are switched. The smug, inexperienced commoner becomes the king.”

With “Sword of Damocles,” Wainwright draws an obvious correlation between the commoner-turned-king and Trump’s own ascent to the presidency, imploring the ruler to “release the sword of Damocles and give it to the authorities.”

The “Sword of Damocles” stars Wainwright alongside Criss, his longtime admirer. The two sit opposite one another at a long table and visually depict a competent ruler (Wainwright) being usurped by a fool (Criss).

Wainwright ends the powerfully symbolic “Sword of Damocles” video with just one word: vote.

“This is my artistic response to what is currently transpiring within the American government and how its collapse is affecting every aspect of existence for us all," Wainwright said in a release. “With the Midterm Elections around the corner, it’s important for everyone to take a stand and contribute in some way -- it’s all hands on deck.”

Watch the full “Sword of Damocles” video below.