Sister Sparrow Turns the Tables in Hectic 'Ghost' Video: Exclusive

Sister Sparrow
Kevin Condon

Sister Sparrow

Sister Sparrow has released a lush music video for her album Gold's lead single "Ghost," exclusively premiering on Billboard today (Oct. 30).

Just in time for Halloween, the visual takes place at a masquerade party, with singer Arleigh Kincheloe and another man -- an apparent former love interest -- being the only two not wearing masks. She plays hide-and-seek of sorts with the man for the majority of the clip, with the latter never being able to track down Kincheloe.

The motivation for both the track and the video draw from real-life events, according to the songstress. "'Ghost' was inspired by receiving some unwanted late night texts from an ex-boyfriend," Kincheloe tells Billboard. "The next morning I went to the studio and was annoyed and fired up enough to write a song about ghosting someone. The message of the song is not about being flippant or cold. It's about feeling empowered to rid yourself of the unneeded toxicity in your life."

That fiery inspiration shines in the new video, with Kincheloe appearing confident, and almost mischievously playful, as she leads the ex around on a futile chase. The clip concludes with the man looking distraught, left behind in an empty room.

Get a first look at Sister Sparrow's "Ghost" video below.