Get to Know 'Walking Away' Group St. Lucia: Watch

This week’s episode of “You Should Know” is dedicated to getting to know Jean-Philip Grobler and Patti Beranek of St. Lucia, as they reveal where their band name came from, what one wish they would ask a genie to grant them and more.

Grobler tells Billboard that when he was trying to come up with a name for his musical project, he took out a map of South Africa (where he is from) and he closed his eyes, took out a pen and placed it down on the map. “The third try was St. Lucia,” he says, “And just immediately hearing that name felt like it solidified the aesthetic.”

Asked what one wish they would want a genie to grant, Grobler replies that he would seek a “forever babysitter” so that he doesn’t constantly have to worry about finding a babysitter. When Beranek tells her husband that they need to pick something better, the pair ultimately agree upon asking for three “very luxurious tour buses.”

St. Lucia also reveal what their secret hidden talents are, with Beranek divulging that she can roll her tongue, while Grobler shows off his chipmunk voice.

As for what they consider to be their biggest accomplishment to date, Grobler believes that it is having made three albums that they are very proud of, and that the band members have not killed each other on the road yet.

Beranek and Grobler are also asked why people should listen to their music, with Grobler replying, “Because it has a positive message, and a positive feeling to it. And I think there is a lot of music in the world these days that's very, either ironic, or sort of, like, depressing or sad.”

“I have nothing against that,” he continues. “I love a lot of that music! But I feel like where we fit in and where we're unique is that what we do is positive, but it's also not preaching to you or hitting you over the head with a message. I think it makes you feel positive.”

You can watch the full video interview with St. Lucia above.


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