Olivia O'Brien Unveils Stunning 'I Don't Exist' Video

Olivia O'Brien
Marina Fini

Olivia O'Brien 

Olivia O’Brien captures the feelings of an outsider looking in with the release of her “I Don’t Exist” music video today (Oct. 26).

In the video, O’Brien, standing behind glass, watches a blurry party go on, and no one even notices she’s there. The singer turns to a camcorder to document how she’s feeling, drawing a relevant parallel to how the ways we use technology can both isolate us and make us feel less alone. 

“I think this is the first time I’m letting my fans see an even more vulnerable side of myself,” O’Brien tells Billboard of the video. I tried to capture the feeling I had when writing the song...feeling like no one acknowledges your existence, or cares that you are there, even when you are surrounded by people."

With deep, soulful vocals, O'Brien sings of being disillusioned with Hollywood’s perfect facade and wonders, “Am I even real?” Indeed, “I Don’t Exist” is a poignant depiction of what it feels like to be an outcast in a world that’s too busy to care. "I do hope that my music and videos are helpful for any of my fans that might be going through something right now," O'Brien adds.

O’Brien, 18, first flew onto the radar with her chart-topping gnash collaboration “I Hate You, I Love You,” in 2016. gnash reached out to O’Brien after listening to her cover of one of his songs on Soundcloud. 

Since then, O’Brien, a self-taught musician from the age of 7, has performed at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival, released singles like “Udk” and “RIP (feat. G-Eazy & Drew Love),” and has a full length project in the works. 

Check out the “I Don’t Exist” music video below.