Lauren Jauregui Drops Seductive Debut Solo Single 'Expectations': Listen

The moody black and white video is a heartbreaker.

Lauren Jauregui makes no bones about it on her debut single, "Expectations," which dropped early Wednesday morning (Oct. 24). She wishes she didn't have any expectations about love on the sensual Kid Harpoon-produced single. But when she's laying in bed, alone, at two in the morning, again, wondering where her lover has been, well, she just can't help herself.

"Wish I had no expectations/ I wish that I could get it through your head/ With no confrontation/ I really wish we could talk about it instead," she sings in her sultry, raspy voice over a slow-rolling R&B shuffle and spare beat, her vocals rising into an urgent moan on the pleading chorus. The song about romantic frustration and a plea for some basic respect also features a ripping blues guitar solo after the second chorus that doubles down on the track's smoky, late night mood.

“’Expectations’ is an exploration of when you’re in a relationship with someone and you don’t want to have expectations,” she told Billboard earlier this month on the red carpet at the 2018 American Music Awards about the song she wrote. “But they kind of get in the way, regardless, so it’s about that.” As for the creative control she's seized since Fifth Harmony went on hiatus, Jauregui said the single really represents where her musical head is at these days. “I think just having creative agency and it being my vision that comes to life. And the trust that I have for my label and the way that they’ve fostered me doing me, I think that’s a brand new page, and I’m really excited about it.”

The singer said her debut solo album will "hopefully... maybe" be released in 2019. Jauregui debuted "Expectations" live over the summer while opening for Halsey on the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour in South America and in a statement announcing the track she said she hopes people will love it as much as she does. “Everything feels so surreal. I’m so grateful to have been able to be so immersed in this creative process and give the world a piece of my heart," she said. "I’m excited to see its reception and continue to grow and create and share with you all. I appreciate anyone who is listening, whether you’re someone who’s followed my journey or are just joining the ride – thank you for choosing to share in my energy! I hope you love it.”

Jauregui also dropped the moody black and white video for the track on Wednesday, in which she looks forlorn in a flowing white dress as she emotes the lyrics on the grounds of a lush mansion while facing down a seductive alter ego Lauren in a skin-hugging black leather outfit who has dangerous intentions. Watch the video below.

Listen to "Expectations" below.