Rising Pop Singer Cait Debuts Pulsing New Song 'Stay Out': Exclusive

Gerson Lopes


Adding softness to heartache by finding her own inner strength, Cait debuts her new single "Stay Out," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Oct. 24).

Finding empowerment in herself, Cait delivers raw emotion and an angelic vocal performance on the smooth electro-pop ballad. Filled with passion, the Wisconsin native shows her creative sensibility by pouring her heart out as she narrates the tale of a friendship-gone-love-gone-wrong. 

"Many years ago, I told one of my best friends that I had feelings for him, and he did not feel the same way," Cait tells Billboard.  "I originally wrote a sad victim-y ballad that sat on the shelf for years, but [when] I revisited the song in 2017, I realized I wanted to rewrite it with a stronger and more confident tone.

Now, it takes on new life as a song for anyone to jam out to after a break-up that isn't going to make them sadder -- but feel empowered."

Accentuated by a more upbeat tempo, the chorus offers a silky but powerful vocal delivery as she confesses, "We don't need to talk about what happened/ I already know from your reaction/ I'm gonna be just fine/ If you just keep me in the back of your mind / And stay the hell outta mine."

Listen to "Stay Out" exclusively on Billboard below.