Everytown For Gun Safety 'Enough!' PSA Soundtracked by Sia's Uplifting 'I'm Still Here': Watch

Enough Everytown for Gun Safety
Courtesy of Everytown for Gun Safety 

A scene from the video for "Enough!" by Everytown for Gun Safety.

With just two weeks to go before the crucial midterm elections, Everytown for Gun Safety released a powerful PSA on Monday morning (Oct. 22) featuring teenagers dancing away the fear of being cut down by gunfire at school to the soundtrack of Sia's new anthem "I'm Still Here."

The four-minute clip opens with a grade schooler approaching a voter registration sign-up table and grabbing an orange balloon, which pops in his hands, setting off a wave of panic among the other students keenly attuned to the sound of gunfire.

Their frozen faces fill the screen as Sia sings, "I'm fighting a battle/I'm fighting my shadow/Herd fears like they're cattle/I'm fighting a battle, yeah." The camera flashes to an empty seat at an assembly and then a series of students dancing among their statue-like peers. The solitary dancers -- from the National Dance Institute -- turn into a full-on dance troupe in the school hallways and a parade of students waving orange balloons on the football field and spelling out the word "Enough."

Fear turns to joy as the students smash the balloons, raise their fists and find strength in numbers while the ominous end notes read: "an estimated 3 million American children experience gun violence every year... Gun violence is now the second leading cause of death for American children... Over 2,600 children and teens are shot and killed every year... An average of 47 children and teens are shot every day... Enough!"

The ad also encourages Americans to vote for Gun Sense candidates on Nov. 6 and to visit this site to find out which candidates near you support common-sense gun safety policies.

Check out the video below.