Lady Gaga Shares Emotional Video For 'A Star Is Born' Track 'I'll Never Love Again'

Lady Gaga shared the official video for A Star Is Born’s “I’ll Never Love Again" on Friday (Oct. 19) via Apple Music. The visual then received a wide release on Oct. 25.

The video includes footage from the blockbuster film, which follows Gaga and Bradley Cooper's characters in their romantic, musical journey.

The emotional track features a stunning vocal performance from Gaga, whose voice soars with the heartfelt lyrics, "Don't wanna feel another touch/Don't wanna start another fire/Don't wanna know another kiss/No other name falling off my lips/Don't wanna give my heart away/To another stranger/Or let another day begin/Won't even let the sunlight in/No, I'll never love again." 

Watch the video for "I'll Never Love Again" below.