Mariah Carey's Love is Too Strong For the Haters on 'The Distance' with Ty Dolla $ign & Skrillex: Listen

Three songs in a theme is definitely emerging for Mariah Carey's upcoming Caution (Nov. 16) album: love is hard, sometimes messy, sometimes great, but totally worth it. In the latest salvo from the amore wars, Carey makes it very clear that this time it's for real, and it doesn't matter what anyone says. Following a cheerleader intro about having that spirit, Carey waltzes in over spare keyboards to give notice, "Ain't nobody stopping us/ What we have is dangerous/ Left they opinions in the dust/ Said can't nobody fuck with us," as a rubbery, slow-walking beat kicks in.   

By the second verse, Carey breaks into a near rap cadence, confirming that despite what the haters say, she's only getting closer to her boo. Ty hops into the third verse, backing up MC, crooning "We're too strong (too strong)/ We're too silent (ooh yeah)/ They can't stop it now." The subtle, but booming ballad was produced by Skrillex.     

"The Distance" follows on the heels of the similarly amorous ballad "With You" and the more pointed kiss-off "GTFO."

Listen to "The Distance" below.