Dua Lipa Explains How London Rain Inspired Her Chris Martin Collaboration 'Homesick': Watch

In this week’s episode of “How It Went Down,” Dua Lipa explains how she created her song “Homesick” with Coldplay’s Chris Martin and why the track makes her feel like she is back home in London whenever she performs it live.

Lipa tells Billboard that she was in a planning meeting when she was asked by a woman named Caroline who she would love to write music with. The singer says that she jokingly suggested Chris Martin and to her surprise, Caroline said she actually worked with Coldplay for a number of years and that she would be happy to send some music to Martin for her.

“I just thought she was being polite,” Lipa says, “So I sent some unreleased tracks from my album and I get an email going, ‘Oh, Chris really likes your stuff.’”

So Lipa went to a recording studio in Malibu where she met the Coldplay frontman and his engineer Bill, and she played them some of her music. “I watched [Martin] dancing around the room,” Lipa explains, “Writing down the titles of songs, just listening to everything and being really attentive and that was pretty surreal.”

Before the pair even began writing the track together, they knew that they wanted to call the song “Homesick,” Lipa explains. “When I’m traveling so much, and I’m so far away from London, and especially when I spend a lot of time in really hot places where the sun’s shining and the weather’s amazing, I always miss home and I always miss the rain,” she says.

“It’s only when it rains in L.A. when I go, ‘Oh, this is what London feels like and this is the part where I love it the most because I feel like there’s a tiny bit of home that I get to carry with me every time that it rains,’” she continues. “The whole song is really about the sacrifice that you make spending so much time away from all your loved ones and your friends and your family to live your dream and do what you love.”

The singer adds that no matter where she is in the world, whenever she performs “Homesick” live, it takes her home.

You can hear the full story of how Dua Lipa and Chris Martin wrote “Homesick” in the video above.