Avril Lavigne Gives Intimate Performance Of 'Head Above Water' For iHeartRadio Honda Stage Series: Exclusive

Courtesy Photo
Avril Lavigne “Head Above Water”

For the newest installment in the Honda Stage series presented by iHeartRadio and Honda, Avril Lavigne performs her comeback single "Head Above Water" at the Henson Recording Studios in Hollywood, Calif. You can get an exclusive first look of the footage via Billboard today (Oct. 15). 

Lavigne's performance of the delicate piano ballad, which details her near-death experience and her own battle with Lyme disease, offers a never-seen-before angle of the singer. She is shown to be simultaneously fragile and strong as she passionately sings the emotionally-charged chorus: "God, keep my head above water/Don't let me drown, it gets harder/I'll meet you there at the altar/As I fall down to my knee, don't let me drown."


The Honda Stage series showcases one-of-a-kind performances by a variety of artists who have impacted their generation with passion and unwavering determination, and ultimately succeeded in pursuing their dreams. 

Get a first look at Lavigne's performance of "Head Above Water" below.