Dakota Johnson Denies Pregnancy Rumors on 'Ellen': Watch

Dakota Johnson Ellen DeGeneres
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Dakota Johnson and Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Actress Dakota Johnson took to The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday (Oct. 11) to address the rumors that she is expecting a baby with reported boyfriend Coldplay singer Chris Martin. As soon as Johnson stepped onto the set, DeGeneres wasted no time jumping right onto the elephant in the room. "That is a mighty tight outfit for someone who's pregnant," joked DeGeneres.

Johnson managed to dodge the comment, saying "See? They don't even know what you're talking about," when the audience remained silent after the quip. 

DeGeneres went on to explain that the rumors of Johnson's pregnancy arose on Monday (Oct. 8), after TMZ paparazzi spotted Martin's Los Angeles home decorated with pink and blue balloons that suggested a gender reveal party. 

"Well, the only thing I'm pregnant with is a lot of really good ideas. But not any babies," Johnson said, explaining that the home was decorated for a party in celebration of her birthday. "There were balloons that happened to be pink and blue... and so then I was pregnant?"

 "I didn't know that the balloons were going to be released; they were just in an arch," Johnson added. "But I guess that accidentally happened -- one of the ends got let go. But a lot of people congratulated me."

Check out the cheeky interview segment between Johnson and DeGeneres below.