Meg Mac Wants Her 'Name Back' in Powerful New Video: Exclusive

Meg Mac Give Me My Name Back
Courtesy Photo

Meg Mac, "Give Me My Name Back"

Australian singer-songwriter Meg Mac has unveiled a potent video for her new single "Give Me My Name Back," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Oct. 11).

"'Give me my name back’ is a song for those who have suffered emotional and physical abuse," Mac tells Billboard in an emailed statement. "It’s for the women who are standing up and speaking out, those discriminated against in the LGBTQI community, the indigenous people of Australia and the children abused by the church. It's for everyone who has lost an important part of themselves and need to reclaim their identity, dignity and self-worth in order to move forward with their lives."

Directed by Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, the video sees Mac singing in a small, dimly-lit room surrounded by women of all races. Towards the end of the video, she encourages the women in the room to "stand up, say it, give me my name back," and the women come together and sing along.

"The choice to bring together an all-female cast and crew was very intentional," adds director Dalimore in an emailed statement. "We ended up with 40 extras and a crew of 10, so in all 50 women [on] set working together. That is very rare, and there was a lovely sense of togetherness that night.”

Get a first look at the "Give Me My Name Back" video below.