Paul McCartney, Mall Cop: Watch a Security Guard Cut Loose in 'Come On to Me' Video

Paul McCartney
Mary McCartney

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney released a music video for "Come On to Me," the third track from his 2018 Egyptian Station album on Tuesday. The rock song peaked at No. 10 on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart, marking McCartney's first top 10 hit since 1993.

The video first focuses on a bored security guard who is lounging in his office. He glares at the speaker in the roof playing a lackluster song and decides to jam to Paul McCartney’s song instead. This prompts his lip-syncing adventure.

He dramatically dances through the department store, moving his arms and swinging his hips. His animated expressions fill the video with a playful feel.

The security guard eventually transfers his moves to the window display, where he dances across from a suited mannequin. A man walking his dog outside stops to stare, which causes the guard to pause his rocking. The dog walker slowly joins in, bopping his head in time with the music, and the pair jams to the track together in the humorous conclusion.

Watch the video for yourself below.