Camila Cabello Mourns Lost Love in Orchestral 'Consequences' Video Featuring Dylan Sprouse

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Camila Cabello, "Consequences"

Camila Cabello unveiled the video for the orchestral version of “Consequences” Wednesday (Oct. 10). The video comes just a day after the 21-year-old pop singer performed her new single at the AMAs.

The video opens with Cabello making her way down a tree-lined walkway that's been kissed by autumn leaves. A translucent ex-lover, portrayed by Cabello's friend Dylan Sprouse, appears on her path. He’s playing a grand piano, and she imagines herself coming up behind him.

More flashbacks of Cabello and Sprouse’s character play out in front of her in a montage of memories. They run around, kiss and make music together. As Cabello walks further into the park, the season changes from fall to winter and the landscape becomes coated in snow. The reflections shift from dreamlike to pain-filled as the relationship falls apart.

“But loving you had consequences,” she sings to her past love’s ghost as he grabs her hand. They spin into the air with the moon as a backdrop and he disappears at her fingertips as the winter melts into spring. Her eyes fill with tears, and her own ghost reaches to hold her hand on a park bench as if to comfort her in the video’s conclusion.

Watch it for yourself below.